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I held the unconscious body of Malia in my claws, fighting with my shadow form for control. I could only feel pain. I thought bloodlust would be half gone since she turned back into a fairy, but it was still there, and I focused on not killing her and turning back into a human or a wolf. I had scars all over me now. Halfway down to the clearing, I felt my normal self take control as I turned back into a human, and Malia was in my arms. I was naked, and she was a wolf, which was convenient. I swooped down, landing on my feet, and put her down on the cold forest floor. It was a poor bed for an unconscious wolf-girl, but it would have to do until I got dressed. I put my clothes on- a blue hoodie and jeans- and picked her up again as I tried to remember the way back to the camp. I flew for hours, eventually getting hopelessly lost and tired, and settled down in the middle of the forest. Malia showed no sign of waking up anytime soon, so I laid her down on a bed of leaves and then curled up myself. It was cold and windy, harsh conditions for the middle of spring, but eventually I went to sleep, where I could forget about how injured I was. It would heal in a few hours anyway, right?

I was awakened to a kick in the head, and opened my eyes to a bright day. Strangely, my legs were killing me, and my wings were still torn. I had scratches all the way down my back and arms, but my legs got the worst of it. Why weren’t these wounds healed already? Maybe it was because I was in my dragon form when I got them.

Wake up, stupid. Good job almost killing Malia last night.Kira’s voice was grating and made me feel guiltier than ever. I wanted to tell her to shut up, that it wasn’t really my fault, but I wasn’t in the mood for a fight. Malia was laying on the ground, breathing steadily, with scars covering her face and arms. She was in fairy form now, and her wings were off-looking, probably broken. The biggest scar was right under her eye, down to her jaw. I fought back tears, for both of us.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Morning~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


We set off for the short walk to Annie’s house on a sunny morning, much to Sascha’s delight. It was only about a mile and a half from our mansion, and as we bravely went across the bridge to their small house, we were greeted by strangers- a tall, somber-looking girl and a boy who was jumping up and down, waving at us.

“Come here! Annie’s waiting for you guys!” the boy shouted. He jumped like a rabbit and the girl motioned for us to come in. We walked in to see Annie alive with Sam by her side. A smile spread across my face for the first time in a long time.

“Annie!” I yelled as she came up to hug Sascha and I. Sam smiled brightly. On the opposite side of the room sat a reddish-brown haired girl who looked like a vampire. Suddenly, I started blushing and, after Annie stopped hugging me, I sat next to her on the floor. She smiled nervously and waved, making a little squeaking sound which was outrageously cute. I smiled at her and looked at Annie.

“It’s great to see you better, Annie. I can’t believe that all of this happened so fast.” I said, while the girl next to me blushed even redder.

“It’s all thanks to Miss Astrid, who’s not only the best witch-healer in all of Gaia, but also a great person!” She dragged the word person out so it sounded like “Per-soooonnnnnnn.” She always did things like that, twisting words and turning them so she had her own little accent-thing going on. Astrid blushed and giggled.

“Thanks, guys,” she said, and her face was even redder than before. It looked like she was about to blow up. It was adorable.

Could I fall for her? Yes, I could. But I wouldn’t. Would I? I had Abby, and I’d always love her. Maybe I should move on.

Maybe I already am falling for her, even though I don’t know so much about her except that she’s a healer named Astrid and she’s beautiful.







I didn’t know what to make of Malia’s behavior the past few days. I’ve gotten to know her, and I honestly couldn’t figure that girl out for my life. One day she could be all smiling and happy and such, and then the next she’s depressed and crying for no reason at all. And she’s tired all the time, but I don’t really have any room to talk.

Anyway, two new people showed up at Sam and Annie’s place after we helped them out, one red-headed elf and one normal-looking blonde with a weird twinkle in his eye. The moment he walked in I knew he was going to be trouble. Nevertheless, I let the new people (soon to be identified as Conor and Sascha by Sam) catch up with Sam and Annie.



I sat in my room, twirling my shoulder-length, layered gold hair around my finger and chewing bubble gum with my legs on the table. “So you think we should check up on her?” I asked my companion and brother, Sascha, who was sitting Indian-style on the expansive red carpet with his head lying on his arms on the glass table, staring at the soles of my shoes.

“You have gum on the bottom of your Converse,” he said in his normal, matter-of-fact way. I kicked off my shoes. “And yeah, last I heard from Sam was that yet another healer girl was coming over, so we had better see if it worked. Not that the odds are in favor of it.”

“Okay. We’ll leave in the morning, then. I hope more than anything that this girl is as good as they say. Let’s go to sleep,” I said, knowing that Sascha hardly ever sleeps anyway, because he’s so full of energy. He only really sleeps on rainy days- he’s fueled by sunlight, and it’s really quite convenient sometimes. So he stays up and reads books from the gigantic library in our house all night, further expanding his admittedly impressive knowledge of the world.

I shooed him out of my room and said goodnight to him. Then I unbuttoned my shirt, put on my pajama pants, and took off the bandage across my chest. I turned in front of the mirror and looked behind me at the scars on my back where my wings were ripped off. The jagged twin scars were the only souvenirs I held from my time in Heaven. I still remember how it felt, like a fire burning its way through my veins and consuming me. I fell from the great expanse of sky and clouds onto a field where I stayed for a while, mostly trying to absorb what had happened. I had met God himself, and had betrayed him. My guilt was the greatest punishment of all, even worse than being banished and the pain of the scars I knew would last forever.

It had been 3 years since then, but it felt like yesterday. Vividly I remembered the splendor of Heaven and the voice of the girl I used to love, the reason I was banished. She told me after we were sentenced that I was the lucky one. She was sent to Hell, but I was a younger angel, so I was taken back to Earth. Maybe I was lucky after all, I have a second chance. After landing in the field and staying there curled up in a ball for three days, I was rescued by Annie and Sam, who took me in and helped me find my brother, who had disappeared after the crash that killed me.

A loud crash pulled me back into the present. I looked out the door to see what had happened and saw that Sascha had hit his head on a cabinet again and knocked down all the good china. I walked over there, half-naked and sighing, and helped him pick up the shards of broken plates, cups, saucers, and bowls. Then I returned to my room and sat on the bed, taking my glasses off and burrowing under the covers. After a short while, I went to sleep.

chapter 5


Annie stood up and did something I hadn’t seen her do in a long, long time. She smiled, and it was like a thousand seraphim singing inside my half-exhausted, fast-beating heart. Getting up on my feet and kissing her , saw the tall girl, Malia, blushing and half-scowling at Darkheart, the werewolf who had recently turned back into a boy.  He sheepishly smiled and looked away. The blond vampire named Arion looked at Kira the demon, letting his deep magenta eyes linger on her deep burgundy ones for a second. She then growled deeply and pounced across the room, knocking Arion onto the floor. She was almost catlike in the way she jumped, graceful and right on target. I broke the kiss and stared, wide eyed, as the demon stuck her landing and attacked. It wasn’t exactly vicious, as she began kissing him as soon as their faces met.

“WellKira has been acting a little off lately,” said Luna. “But I never suspected that love was the cause.”

I could see the jealousy burning in Malia’s eyes. “Damn it, Dark!” she snarled.

            “What?” said the black-haired boy. Malia ran out the door.




On top of Arion, I felt a feeling the likes of which I’d never encountered before. It was as if my cold heart had burst into flames. In all my years I’d never experienced this. It almost hurt physically- though the pain was most likely due to the fact that my foot hit a trunk on the way down. I kissed him-something I’d never done to anyone or anything, ever- and it felt awesome. No freaking lie. I’d gladly give up my allegiance to my father for another kiss like that, never mind that I was already disowned for the rest of eternity.  Arion was cold, and I was hot.


            I ran out the door of the shack, trying not to burst into tears. I almost exploded into my wolf form and flew a few miles out to a tree in the forest and then phased back. I climbed the tree clumsily and sat on the top branch, sobbing as I heard them calling my name. I recognized Luna and Astrid’s voices, but not the one I needed to hear.

From the time I first saw him, I was amazed. He was kind, and smart, and gorgeous. And I knew that he’d probably be the death of me, and that I could never have him, for so many reasons. I was falling apart at the seams each night afterward. I’d cry myself to sleep or just not sleep at all.

            Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a speck in the distance, coming closer. I thought it was a bird at first, but no, it was too big. And it was flying right in my direction.

A voice came from behind me, making me jump and almost fall off the branch. “I knew you’d be here. Come down now. I’ll get the others, and-“

“No. I’m not coming down. Ever, Dark. You can’t understand this. Just please go away,” I whispered, still crying. “Or stay” I said under my breath.

“You have to come down. Just fly down, or jump. Wait, don’t jump, you’ll hurt yourself- Ugh. Just please, please, come down. All your friends are down there. I’ll be down there soon,” he said calmly. “Just, please come down. Come on. It’s not that hard. I’ll fly down with you. C’mon.”  I sighed, and flew off the rustling tree branch, holding his hand as my heart ached. I just wished that maybe, one day, we would work out and know exactly what we were inside and I’d know my parents and we’d live in a little house by the sea and be happy.  Maybe I got a little carried away there, but I don’t care.  I really don’t.

I landed on the ground where Astrid and Luna were waiting. “She’s safe, thank Gods.

It was pretty hard  to get her down, though.” Darkheart said, sounding slightly exasperated.  Astrid nodded and hugged me.

“I’m just glad she’s alright,” said Luna.  “But why’d you run off, anyway? It justdoesn’t make sense.

“I-I just wanted to” I looked at Darkheart, who apparently had no idea what I was getting at. “Dark, I’m sorry, but this is kind of agirl problem-thing, and uh, I’m really sorry and I’m really grateful to you for bringing me down and stuff, so…”

“Of course, of course. I’ll leave you ladies alone,” he said, laughing.  He was too nice for his own good.

Kira appeared from the forest, with Arion behind her.  

Aren't I just pure evil!?XD

1.Neuter him.
2.Chop of his little buddies.{lmao!}
3.Take away his pets.
4.Chop off his hands.
5.Bring him into Mr.Heft's office for a day.
6.Force him to move to Canada.[He hates the way they talk]
7.Fry his computer.
8.Cut off his pig-tails.
9.Dye his hair grey with white streaks.
10.Feed him dog food for the rest of his life.
11.Put a shock collar on him.
12.Make him pee on old news papers & sit in a cage for the rest of his life.
13.Make sure you do not own any weapons he can get to when doing #13.
14.Break his razor.
15.Burn ALL of his mangas!![Muhahahaha!!!!]
16.Put him in Mr.Lamb's class for a week.
17.Make him study algebra.
18.Put a curse on him that even time he's with {<--wink,wink}a girl he only wants to eat blueberry pie.
19.Stand him in front of a demon & let him talk.{Ca Boom!!XD}
20.Give me a weapon & tell me where he lives.XD
21.Make him work at a gym.
22.Drop him off with the La Push Pack & let him talk to Jacob for 20 minutes.
23.Make it so he's unable to block people like me.
24.Give me the Death Note.XD
25.Make him sing in the Larkspur Chorus.[lol,zap!]

                     Ok.Well I think that's all..For Now.I'm sure I'll think up some more.Maybe when I don't have algebra the next day & when it's not still morning.lol.Ok.Byez for nowz!

How dare you tell her to leave you,
How dare you sleep with another women,
How can you see through those eyes of yours,
fogged with the coal smoke from your heart,
How can you say you love her and only use her for you sexual needs,
I watch as a protecter,
I bleed and spell for your death.
Do not mess with someone of once passed power.

Once to burn in the blackness of Hell,
for a body to be of no use,
You are the sorce of a dearest heart's bruise,
Her blood running down,
Her eyes begging for love,
She obsesses over you.
Thy dearest friend doesn't realize her use,
Your sexual needs is the only want you have.
She doesn't see the blackness within,
She's blinded by nothingness in which she falls,
I however am not,
I will protect as the sister's heart I share for her,
I hate you with the darkest passion there's ever been seen.
I watched and heard her blood scream as it ran down her wrist,
But what's the first thought she has,
It's nothing but guilt.
I however see you giving nothing close to a damn,
I see your eyes and hands all over other "lovers" you have and had,
I am not blind behind this wicked lies you've told!
Death is what you deserve and what you shall get.
Death is a pleasure to you,I can see you saying so,however the burning I will make sure you face will change that opinion.See my hatrid,Feel my hatrid,Hear my hatrid and go into the burning depths of Hell! 

                                          ~Teehee I soooooooo pissed of her boyfriend.But my friend is stil in love with him apperently,How annoying.  
                Anyway,Just so everyone knows robovan is sadly over
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!!!!!Yes there is a but.We will be writing random stories and poems on here.

So,How a freakin' nice day!!!!!!


Centered around my friends :]
Elizabeth= Inez (elfgoddess!)
Kira= Kira (duh) (demon)
Alex= Astrid (vampire witch)
Me= Malia (nusrery magic fairy/werewolf)



long time no post.

robovan is dead. this is a new era of poetry and stories all done by miss alexandra and i.
poem the first:

HurricaneCollapse )


donovan has moved to hawaii. i'm sad.
i'm not sure if this kills robovan or makes it better because i/we/alex can make OHMYGODIMISSYOU!stalkfic.
or roblex. which totally looks like rolex but it isnt. alebie sounds retarded.
i'm gonna go to school.


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