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chapter 5


Annie stood up and did something I hadn’t seen her do in a long, long time. She smiled, and it was like a thousand seraphim singing inside my half-exhausted, fast-beating heart. Getting up on my feet and kissing her , saw the tall girl, Malia, blushing and half-scowling at Darkheart, the werewolf who had recently turned back into a boy.  He sheepishly smiled and looked away. The blond vampire named Arion looked at Kira the demon, letting his deep magenta eyes linger on her deep burgundy ones for a second. She then growled deeply and pounced across the room, knocking Arion onto the floor. She was almost catlike in the way she jumped, graceful and right on target. I broke the kiss and stared, wide eyed, as the demon stuck her landing and attacked. It wasn’t exactly vicious, as she began kissing him as soon as their faces met.

“WellKira has been acting a little off lately,” said Luna. “But I never suspected that love was the cause.”

I could see the jealousy burning in Malia’s eyes. “Damn it, Dark!” she snarled.

            “What?” said the black-haired boy. Malia ran out the door.




On top of Arion, I felt a feeling the likes of which I’d never encountered before. It was as if my cold heart had burst into flames. In all my years I’d never experienced this. It almost hurt physically- though the pain was most likely due to the fact that my foot hit a trunk on the way down. I kissed him-something I’d never done to anyone or anything, ever- and it felt awesome. No freaking lie. I’d gladly give up my allegiance to my father for another kiss like that, never mind that I was already disowned for the rest of eternity.  Arion was cold, and I was hot.


            I ran out the door of the shack, trying not to burst into tears. I almost exploded into my wolf form and flew a few miles out to a tree in the forest and then phased back. I climbed the tree clumsily and sat on the top branch, sobbing as I heard them calling my name. I recognized Luna and Astrid’s voices, but not the one I needed to hear.

From the time I first saw him, I was amazed. He was kind, and smart, and gorgeous. And I knew that he’d probably be the death of me, and that I could never have him, for so many reasons. I was falling apart at the seams each night afterward. I’d cry myself to sleep or just not sleep at all.

            Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a speck in the distance, coming closer. I thought it was a bird at first, but no, it was too big. And it was flying right in my direction.

A voice came from behind me, making me jump and almost fall off the branch. “I knew you’d be here. Come down now. I’ll get the others, and-“

“No. I’m not coming down. Ever, Dark. You can’t understand this. Just please go away,” I whispered, still crying. “Or stay” I said under my breath.

“You have to come down. Just fly down, or jump. Wait, don’t jump, you’ll hurt yourself- Ugh. Just please, please, come down. All your friends are down there. I’ll be down there soon,” he said calmly. “Just, please come down. Come on. It’s not that hard. I’ll fly down with you. C’mon.”  I sighed, and flew off the rustling tree branch, holding his hand as my heart ached. I just wished that maybe, one day, we would work out and know exactly what we were inside and I’d know my parents and we’d live in a little house by the sea and be happy.  Maybe I got a little carried away there, but I don’t care.  I really don’t.

I landed on the ground where Astrid and Luna were waiting. “She’s safe, thank Gods.

It was pretty hard  to get her down, though.” Darkheart said, sounding slightly exasperated.  Astrid nodded and hugged me.

“I’m just glad she’s alright,” said Luna.  “But why’d you run off, anyway? It justdoesn’t make sense.

“I-I just wanted to” I looked at Darkheart, who apparently had no idea what I was getting at. “Dark, I’m sorry, but this is kind of agirl problem-thing, and uh, I’m really sorry and I’m really grateful to you for bringing me down and stuff, so…”

“Of course, of course. I’ll leave you ladies alone,” he said, laughing.  He was too nice for his own good.

Kira appeared from the forest, with Arion behind her.  


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