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I sat in my room, twirling my shoulder-length, layered gold hair around my finger and chewing bubble gum with my legs on the table. “So you think we should check up on her?” I asked my companion and brother, Sascha, who was sitting Indian-style on the expansive red carpet with his head lying on his arms on the glass table, staring at the soles of my shoes.

“You have gum on the bottom of your Converse,” he said in his normal, matter-of-fact way. I kicked off my shoes. “And yeah, last I heard from Sam was that yet another healer girl was coming over, so we had better see if it worked. Not that the odds are in favor of it.”

“Okay. We’ll leave in the morning, then. I hope more than anything that this girl is as good as they say. Let’s go to sleep,” I said, knowing that Sascha hardly ever sleeps anyway, because he’s so full of energy. He only really sleeps on rainy days- he’s fueled by sunlight, and it’s really quite convenient sometimes. So he stays up and reads books from the gigantic library in our house all night, further expanding his admittedly impressive knowledge of the world.

I shooed him out of my room and said goodnight to him. Then I unbuttoned my shirt, put on my pajama pants, and took off the bandage across my chest. I turned in front of the mirror and looked behind me at the scars on my back where my wings were ripped off. The jagged twin scars were the only souvenirs I held from my time in Heaven. I still remember how it felt, like a fire burning its way through my veins and consuming me. I fell from the great expanse of sky and clouds onto a field where I stayed for a while, mostly trying to absorb what had happened. I had met God himself, and had betrayed him. My guilt was the greatest punishment of all, even worse than being banished and the pain of the scars I knew would last forever.

It had been 3 years since then, but it felt like yesterday. Vividly I remembered the splendor of Heaven and the voice of the girl I used to love, the reason I was banished. She told me after we were sentenced that I was the lucky one. She was sent to Hell, but I was a younger angel, so I was taken back to Earth. Maybe I was lucky after all, I have a second chance. After landing in the field and staying there curled up in a ball for three days, I was rescued by Annie and Sam, who took me in and helped me find my brother, who had disappeared after the crash that killed me.

A loud crash pulled me back into the present. I looked out the door to see what had happened and saw that Sascha had hit his head on a cabinet again and knocked down all the good china. I walked over there, half-naked and sighing, and helped him pick up the shards of broken plates, cups, saucers, and bowls. Then I returned to my room and sat on the bed, taking my glasses off and burrowing under the covers. After a short while, I went to sleep.


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