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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Morning~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


We set off for the short walk to Annie’s house on a sunny morning, much to Sascha’s delight. It was only about a mile and a half from our mansion, and as we bravely went across the bridge to their small house, we were greeted by strangers- a tall, somber-looking girl and a boy who was jumping up and down, waving at us.

“Come here! Annie’s waiting for you guys!” the boy shouted. He jumped like a rabbit and the girl motioned for us to come in. We walked in to see Annie alive with Sam by her side. A smile spread across my face for the first time in a long time.

“Annie!” I yelled as she came up to hug Sascha and I. Sam smiled brightly. On the opposite side of the room sat a reddish-brown haired girl who looked like a vampire. Suddenly, I started blushing and, after Annie stopped hugging me, I sat next to her on the floor. She smiled nervously and waved, making a little squeaking sound which was outrageously cute. I smiled at her and looked at Annie.

“It’s great to see you better, Annie. I can’t believe that all of this happened so fast.” I said, while the girl next to me blushed even redder.

“It’s all thanks to Miss Astrid, who’s not only the best witch-healer in all of Gaia, but also a great person!” She dragged the word person out so it sounded like “Per-soooonnnnnnn.” She always did things like that, twisting words and turning them so she had her own little accent-thing going on. Astrid blushed and giggled.

“Thanks, guys,” she said, and her face was even redder than before. It looked like she was about to blow up. It was adorable.

Could I fall for her? Yes, I could. But I wouldn’t. Would I? I had Abby, and I’d always love her. Maybe I should move on.

Maybe I already am falling for her, even though I don’t know so much about her except that she’s a healer named Astrid and she’s beautiful.







I didn’t know what to make of Malia’s behavior the past few days. I’ve gotten to know her, and I honestly couldn’t figure that girl out for my life. One day she could be all smiling and happy and such, and then the next she’s depressed and crying for no reason at all. And she’s tired all the time, but I don’t really have any room to talk.

Anyway, two new people showed up at Sam and Annie’s place after we helped them out, one red-headed elf and one normal-looking blonde with a weird twinkle in his eye. The moment he walked in I knew he was going to be trouble. Nevertheless, I let the new people (soon to be identified as Conor and Sascha by Sam) catch up with Sam and Annie.



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