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I held the unconscious body of Malia in my claws, fighting with my shadow form for control. I could only feel pain. I thought bloodlust would be half gone since she turned back into a fairy, but it was still there, and I focused on not killing her and turning back into a human or a wolf. I had scars all over me now. Halfway down to the clearing, I felt my normal self take control as I turned back into a human, and Malia was in my arms. I was naked, and she was a wolf, which was convenient. I swooped down, landing on my feet, and put her down on the cold forest floor. It was a poor bed for an unconscious wolf-girl, but it would have to do until I got dressed. I put my clothes on- a blue hoodie and jeans- and picked her up again as I tried to remember the way back to the camp. I flew for hours, eventually getting hopelessly lost and tired, and settled down in the middle of the forest. Malia showed no sign of waking up anytime soon, so I laid her down on a bed of leaves and then curled up myself. It was cold and windy, harsh conditions for the middle of spring, but eventually I went to sleep, where I could forget about how injured I was. It would heal in a few hours anyway, right?

I was awakened to a kick in the head, and opened my eyes to a bright day. Strangely, my legs were killing me, and my wings were still torn. I had scratches all the way down my back and arms, but my legs got the worst of it. Why weren’t these wounds healed already? Maybe it was because I was in my dragon form when I got them.

Wake up, stupid. Good job almost killing Malia last night.Kira’s voice was grating and made me feel guiltier than ever. I wanted to tell her to shut up, that it wasn’t really my fault, but I wasn’t in the mood for a fight. Malia was laying on the ground, breathing steadily, with scars covering her face and arms. She was in fairy form now, and her wings were off-looking, probably broken. The biggest scar was right under her eye, down to her jaw. I fought back tears, for both of us.


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Apr. 11th, 2009 02:27 am (UTC)
Hey Bubba J!
WONDERFULICIOUS XD! Zesty! Rawr. Ba Da Ba Ba Bah Im Lovin It!
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